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Vendor Information/Requirements for Events

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The following items are vendor information that are important to be familiar with when applying for holiday events with The Handmade Homestead Marketplace. 


*This is my fourth annual holiday in the group. I will be vetting and selecting businesses per their application information. There will be no more than 10 businesses allowed in each category of items made. 

*All information will be sent along with your acceptance letter for you to have on file. 

*On the first day of the event, all makers will be posting a short about you and your business in the group (and are free to share links to your social media pages in this post). Starting on Tuesday you may post your items for sale up to but not more than three times each day. This includes sale posts, giveaways, coupon codes, links to your pages or website, auction-style items if you wish, and more. All posts will be shown as needing to be approved and I (along with other admins if employed) will be taking care of your posts very promptly. If anything you wish to post does not abide by the guidelines, you will receive a message as to why this occurred. This is also how I keep makers who did not sign up from coming in and randomly posting. You are in charge of monitoring comments on your own posts.

*ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICALLY CHARGED ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO BE SOLD IN THIS EVENT. I am aware of the current political climate in our country and want to enforce that absolutely NO political based or controversial items of any sort will be allowed to be sold in this event. This is my event and my rule that I will not bend. This group is to be a spot where people can happily shop without the outside world pressures. Any seller who does not follow this rule will be removed from the group immediately. 

*There will be ABSOLUTELY NO POACHING of other maker's customers and NO posting your business link on posts other than your own. If this is done then you will be removed from the event and banned from participating again. 

*There will under no circumstances be any hate speech or bullying from customers OR makers. This will result in the immediate removal of anyone in the group breaking this rule.

*There is a fee to participate in this event, just like other in-person events ($40 early registration and $45 during regular registration). There is a $5 discount for any makers that are rejoining me from other holiday events or guest maker weekends. This goes towards my time setting up this event and running it over the week it is open, paying for advertising, and paying any other admins I employee to assist me during the event). If accepted to the event, I will send you an invoice from this website to pay this fee and it must be paid within 48 hours or your application will be canceled. E-transfer is not available as I am based in the United States.


*Since this is a Facebook event I have also made a private Facebook group so that I can keep in contact with all the participating makers in one place. This will be where you get updates, advertisement graphics, and hear from me about the event and during the event. This is a place you will also be allowed to ask any questions. This link will be provided in your welcome email you receive.


All of the above information and detailed information will be included in your acceptance letter. If your business does not meet the criteria for the event or your category is full, you will receive an email stating as such also. 


I can't wait to see you apply!

~Michelle E. 

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