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My Vision

Carrying on a heritage...

Living Naturally Homestead started ​on ten acres in south-central Pennsylvania. This piece of land has been part of my family heritage since 1916 and was owned by my grandparents starting in 1959 until the torch was passed to me in 2009. This piece of land not only houses a mountain of childhood memories for me but a large portion of our family legacy from days gone by. Now, this little corner of the earth is my fuel for bringing forward a change to a more natural way of living and balance in all aspects of my life: homesteading, blogging, handmade business, and handmade coaching.

My grandparents were homesteaders in their own right. My grandfather was an apple orchard foreman and my grandmother worked alongside him for many years. He brought that knowledge home where they farmed vegetables and some small fields (combined with my great-grandparents property across the road). They raised pigs, chickens, and even a guard goose who had a reputation. Grandpa Guy knew all about the old ways of grafting fruit trees and finding water with a divining rod while Grandma Cleo was the true housewife making meals for a large family all while canning and working part-time at the school cafeteria as a cook. 

While my mother was working full-time when I was little my Grandma watched me and we spent a lot of time together. All those years were spent learning a good amount of what I know about homesteading today-including a few years helping on her second husband's dairy farm. Talk about long, hard, stinky workdays. She instilled in me not only knowledge from planting with moon cycles and never in her beloved "Posey Woman" phase but a kind and gentle heart I only ever wish to be as good as her with.

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When I took over the family land and the homestead, I decided I wanted to restore it to its true glory. Visions of a HUGE garden, small animals galore, jars and jars of preserved food, and family meals around the table fill my dreams day after day. Building a homestead after it has been dormant for a while is no small task.  My family and I are learning how to modernize some parts of homesteading as we work on updating the land. I also add to that my own handmade business along with a coaching business, which leads to many very busy days around these parts. Finding that natural balance inside the home and out is what I strive to share. 

As I continue to learn each day, I feel such a connection with what I am able to accomplish that I want to share all my knowledge with you. I want to help your homestead start or help your home get to a happier, more peaceful place. My goal is to help teach and lead as many people and homes as I can each and every year to create a community of like-minded folks and a place where we can share our wins each and every day. 

Fun Facts About Me

  1. My goal growing up was to be taller than my Mom who is 5'9". I, unfortunately, stunted at 5'6" much to my chagrin. 

  2.  I am absolutely obsessed with growing tomatoes. They are my absolute favorite thing to have in the garden and I love how they smell.

  3. I love coffee cups with sassy, silly sayings. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

  4. Yes, my hair is 100% naturally red. No, I don't dye it. Yes, I get that question a LOT. 

  5. I am the happy rescue Mommy to 2 dogs and 15 cats.

  6. In my spare time I like to knit (spare time is very few and far between these days).

  7. My special treat foods are smoked salmon, prosciutto ham, and sushi

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