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Are you looking for a place to shop that is TRULY all handmade....?

In 2020, The Handmade Homestead Virtual Marketplace was created for a large holiday event to help handmade makers in a time were they could not get out to in person events due to the pandemic. This group has grown now to over 1,600 members who shop from monthly sale weekends held by vendors who only offer handmade items. Our monthly markets specialize in items that fit a handmade, homestead, farmish, eco-friendly, natural, old-fashioned theme, while the bi-annual holiday events are open to ALL handmade makers. 

As a handmade maker myself since 2007, it has been quite the trial to go to many craft shows and be beside non-handmade items that make sales impossible for the small business. This is why I make it my goal to support handmade makers more wherever I can. Small businesses like ours are the backbone of every country and need showcased. 

The marketplace is open to all shoppers and is looking for handmade makers to join our markets! 

No membership fees

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