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Your Next Acre


Being a handmade maker and sharing your goods out in the world to sell is not as easy as some make it seem. There is a lot of work that goes behind everything you have to do, and balancing all that along with your home, a "day" job, kids/family, cooking, family functions, or anything else on your schedule can be a balancing act. More times than not, our handmade businesses go to the bottom of the list, especially because that is what brings in the least money for the house and in our mind is least important. This is especially true if you haven't truly converted that crafty hobby into a true business and revenue stream yet. 

What if I told you I can help you step-by-step learn how to make that balancing act work for your specific lifestyle AND grow your business at the speed you want all at one time? Your Next Acre is my coaching specific to handmade businesses struggling to check all the boxes in all avenues of life and business. Other coaching programs are great teaching time management but my method works with your specific needs. Everyone's life is different and therefore the answers to your problems are not necessarily a group answer every time. I have taken years perfecting this method to my own life and business and found the harmony that works best for my own home. I am ready to help you skip all those trials and tribulations I went through so we can get you closer to the finish line you have set faster. 

What you will get:

  • Steps tailored to your specific chosen goals

  • Time management planning around what your lifestyle

  • Various coaching call time slots during a month to fit your needs (mornings, evenings, weekends)

  • Direct access to me (the coach) online and by email. No gateway helpers here!

  • Budget friendly suggestions for your business ventures and growth

  • Coaching comes from an active handmade maker, just like you

  • You can start anywhere in your handmade journey, whether you are brand new and only have an idea what to make, are moving from a hobby to a business, or need to figure out the next steps in your already branded business to group more

  • All new clients can try out a free Discovery Call first if they want to meet the coach before purchasing a plan

What you won't get:

  • Endless income revenue comparisons from other handmade businesses (comparing your journey to theirs is not the same)

  • Training on just one sellng platform over others (we will go over multiple sales outlets)

  • Long online trainings to watch on top of "homework" style worksheets you never have time to do

  • Guilt shaming when others reach goals further ahead than yours. Your journey is unique!

  • The feeling of urgency to be in a Facebook group or online constantly for fear you may miss something

  • Feeling like you are just a number in a huge group of clients and the coach doesn't connect with you on a personal level

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Free Download!

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Your Coach

My name is Michelle and I have been a handmade maker since 2007. Over the years I have gained so much knowledge on growing my business, including selling at craft fairs/markets, multiple online platforms, Facebook groups, websites, in person, and even consignment. I have learned to juggle owning a business around being a mother, wife, and homestead owner all while working full-time and cannot wait to help you on your very own handmade business journey!

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